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Terms & Conditions of membership

1. It is suggested that members use a gender-neutral as well as a racially, religiously and culturally inconclusive username. People assume all sorts of things about you because of your age, gender, race or religion. Let us all be judged by the validity and appeal of our ideas and opinions, not by stereotypes others impose on us.
2. Language: The bottom line is that no swearing is allowed. You can be rude and dismissive of others' opinions and arguments in more elegant and literate ways. The use of foul and abusive words will result in the expulsion of the offending member.
3. Membership is free, for now.

Why Join?

Why Join? Join only if you:

care enough to have a view on the topics listed in the Chamber of Debate

relish debate in civilised terms with those who may disagree with you

want to meet like-minded people with whom to organise your opposition or support of a political cause

This is The Meeting Place for the Political Activist. May you change minds and in turn have yours changed. May we all be clearer about what it is that we want (and whether it is good for us!).
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