20:33  |  13 January 12
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The idea of direct democracy is not at all new: it has been around in various forms for hundreds of years. With emerging technology, it may well become the basis of future political decision making processes. This is your chance to demonstrate that it can work.

This experiment in direct democracy, which is in the Athenian mould, follows the thoughts of 18th century scholar Jeremy Bentham. He argued that the proper objective of all conduct and legislation is "the greatest happiness of the greatest number".

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Why Join? Join only if you:

care enough to have a view on the topics listed in the Chamber of Debate
relish debate in civilised terms with those who may disagree with you
want to meet like-minded people with whom to organise your opposition or support of a political cause

This is The Meeting Place for the Political Activist. May you change minds and in turn have yours changed. May we all be clearer about what it is that we want (and whether it is good for us!).

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